How to Support Restaurants During Covid-19

As most of you know, Norton Creative is a restaurant-based agency, which is why we wanted to take a minute to share a few ways that you can help your favorite restaurants during this time.

We all have that special restaurant where we cheers friends’ birthdays, follow a hard day with a just-right dish and/or cocktail, or chat with servers cooler than we’ll ever be. That restaurant needs you right now. Whether you choose delivery, tipping extra, or even something as small as a like on a social post, take a minute to show them some extra support during this crazy time.

Here’s a simple list of easy ways Norton put together to be there for the restaurant that has always been there for you.

1. Order take-out or delivery. As we increasingly stay home throughout the day, have food from your favorite restaurant sent directly to your door. Whether you avoid the delivery cost and pick up or have your meal delivered right to your door, restaurants are currently offering many options from curbside to contactless delivery. No matter what you choose, don’t forget to tip!

2. Send food to a loved one. Surprise someone you care about by sending them a delicious meal. Since more and more people will be staying home, this is a great way to show someone you’re thinking of them while still practicing social distancing. Everyone appreciates not doing the dishes!

3. Follow the restaurant on social. Engage with places you love by following and commenting on their social posts to show your support. A like goes a long way during difficult times like this. Share their delivery or to-go messaging so your friends know how to order their food or learn about special offers.

4. Buy gift cards. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and graduation season are all coming up. Mark buying a gift off your to-do list and purchase a gift card from their favorite restaurant. You can even get one for yourself to celebrate when this is all over.

5. Leave a kind review. Whether on Yelp or Google, thoughtful reviews can make a restaurant team’s day. Show some love by sharing a favorite moment or meal you enjoyed recently! After a positive experience using their delivery or to-go service, let people know how much you enjoyed it.

6. Don’t assume the large chains are going to be fine. The workers at those restaurants are your friends and neighbors in the community that rely on hourly wages, tips, and bonuses to survive. Support the employees by supporting their business.

As we all receive minute-by-minute updates, we encourage everyone to stay as safe as possible and take care of each other. Check your go-to restaurants pages to learn more about their carryout and delivery services and be on the lookout for many specials and promotions they are offering. Take a break from the dishes, meal prep, and news scrolling with a delicious dish made by a restaurant you love.

Work in the restaurant industry? Here are a few of our marketing recommendations during this time:

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